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Why Become a Member?

Being a union carpenter means good jobs and wages for working men and women. More importantly it gives them the resources to provide for their families, secure a successful career in life and allows them the means to retire with dignity and respect. The benefits of being a union member are countless.


Numerous, Diverse Career Paths

"Carpenter" is a blanket term used to define the numerous skills performed by tradespeople in our union. Throughout its history, the Carpenters union has developed many specialty trades.


Apprentices Earn and Learn

An apprentice is someone who is learning a trade while working under the guidance of skilled workers called journeymen. Apprenticeship is on-the-job training. As a carpenter apprentice you earn while you learn.

Great Benefits

As a member of Atlanta Carpenters you will be working under the protection of a union contract and your family will enjoy a long list of benefits. Compare these benefits to what you have now. The benefits of being a union worker are countless, but here are some basics: Wages, Health care, Retirement, Training, Placement, Transfers to out-of-state, Vacation and Holidays.  

 Atlanta Carpenters Local 225 - 3500 Atlanta Industrial Drive NW - Atlanta GA 30331 - (678) 553-4701